Garud is a name of a bird. I have seen this bird in India only. Ancestors in India wrote Vedas. There are four Vedas. Vedas consists of scientific development of ancient times. Every one can not read Vedas. Some Sages developed Puran from Vedas. Puranas explains not only scientific development, but also explains this development in the form of stories. These stories are easier to understand. These are known as Purans. One, out of so many Purans, is known as Garuda Puran. It contains experiences of Atman after death. Atman is known as soul in English language. Soul does not carry information to the next life or universe. Atman carries information of the past actions in a chip ( Program written on Carbon molecule), known as Chitra Gupt. This chip can be transported by air. It remains engraved on Bio Atman till 11th day or 13th day after death . This Bio Atman ( Atman with Bio Chip) is invisible with naked eyes. I shall like to explain Garuda Puran in English for the others , who can not read Hindi or Sanskrit. It may contain some pages from Garud Puran and may also contain my analysis on the basis of scientific facts available. It is not a experience after death or life after death. It is experience of Bio Atman after leaving one body and before entering other body. I shall not explain details of hell or heaven. I shall like to inform importance of raw material and detail of production procedure of human body.

Scientific Analysis

He, who takes birth, shall have to die. He, Who dies, shall have to take birth. This is law of Nature. Hindus know this theory and read this theory of life from Vedas from childhood onwards. Mahabharta, Ramayana , Srimad Bhagwat Geeta are examples of this literature. It is a more a scientific book of facts then a book of religious preachings.  One can not compare scientific book with religious book or fiction book.The end of life is due to death. This is ultimate truth of life. Due to this reason different theories or practices are advocated to delay death. For examples medicines, Yoga, control on desires , hard work, exercise, donation of Cow, Gold, Silver, etc. In some books it is also written that love of parents, brothers, husband or wife etc may delay death but one can not avoid death. Bio-Atman is so minute or nano that it can not be seen by naked eyes. It is said that it's size is thumb size. It's thickness can not be seen with naked eyes. It contains Atman and Chitra Gupt ( Nano Bio Chip). Information can be stored on Carbon Molecule or Air Molecule or Hydrogen molecule. This Nano bio Chip may be peptide or amino acids or carbon atom. Bio carbon atom is so designed that it can store what is seen by eyes, what is heard by ears , what is spoken by tongue and what is thought by mind. These details are informed by this chip to God of death. This Bio chip is known as Chitra Gupt.

This chip carries information of all action taken by human beings. This is attached with Atmic Amino Acids. Information is stored in carbon molecule of amino acids. This Bio Atman along with Bio-Chip is taken to Nano-Bio-Chip-Master. This Chip Master is known as God of Death or Yama Raj. Chip Master decides about this chip and allows this chip to sell or destroy. On the basis of one's past actions one purchases or gets this Bio Chip as per one's destiny written by Brahma. Brahma imbibes this chip to the new life ready to take birth as per destiny of individuals as per one's past actions. Desire to create new life is produced by certain amino acids as per cycle of life. These amino acids develop with the gravitational forces of stars and planets in the universe. It is written in Garud Puran that this quality to carry information from one birth to the other birth, is of human beings only. Birds, reptiles, Plants etc do not have Bio Chip. (It needs verification by Bio Technologists or Bio Engineers). After this chip is removed then this Bio Atman is known as Atman. On the basis of it's past actions this Atman enjoys or suffers, once this Bio Chip is taken out from this Bio Atman. After suffering or enjoying this Atman takes birth again or get Moksha i.e become free of amino acid as carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and bonds are broken.

I am convinced that Bio Chip carries information from one life or body to the other life and body. We all know that one can not carry gold, silver, food or clothes or cars or money to the next birth. We can carry to the next life after death any information stored on bio chip. This information can be stored by power of repetition or Mantras on Bio Chip or Chitra Gupt. This is what explained in Garuda Puran by sages. Scientific explanation may be not understood by others. So help of heaven or hell is taken. It is advocated to worship and do good actions. Sins are those acts which disturb the peace of society. Gayatri Mantra is considered to be the best in Mantras. One can also remember Mritrunjay Mantra or any other mantra as per Vedas.

One can carry power of Mantra to the next life and help others.

taken from a facebook posting. Jaipal Singh Datta